business principles

Smart City’s Top 10 Business Principles

Over the years, much has changed at Smart City. We have continuously adapted our products and services to stay ahead of the ever-increasing sophistication of our customers. What hasn’t changed – and what never will – are the core values upon which we were founded. These values are summed up in ten immutable principles that guide our business and our relationships. Our founding values will never change.

  1. Integrity without Compromise. Having integrity means more to us than simply the absence of deception. It means that we are completely forthright in all our dealings. We say what needs to be said, not simply what people want to hear.
  2. Do Right By All Our Customers. Doing right means acting with the best interest of the other party in mind. An important word in this phrase is “All” – it includes every relationship. We treat each other, our business partners, and our vendors with the same care and respect with which we treat our customers.
  3. It’s the People. We have great people who want to do well, who are capable of doing great things, and who come to work fired up to achieve them. Great people flourish in an environment that liberates and amplifies their energy.
  4. Seek the Best. We seek the best in two ways: We cast wide nets to find the best people to hire and the best ideas to adopt, and we base decisions regarding them on facts. We acknowledge, appreciate, and capitalize on our diverse work force.
  5. Continually Improve Processes. How do we know if a process needs improving? The answer: It always does. We can always get better. We strive continually to improve our processes, help people do their jobs better, and produce higher quality at lower cost.
  6. Speak, Listen and Respond. Managers at Smart City have a responsibility to create an environment that encourages people to speak openly, knowing that they will be listened to when they do. Listening, however, is only a first step. We also need to respond, if not through direct action then through acknowledgement and feedback.
  7. Teams Work. Teamwork means focusing on the team’s success, realizing that ultimately the team’s success is your success. It also means that you succeed by helping other members of the team to succeed.
  8. Customers Define Quality. Part of adapting to changing customer needs and desires is knowing what our customers want. Smart City Telecom has succeeded, in part, because we actively solicit input from our customers.
  9. Think Fast, Move Fast. Customers want the benefit from our great ideas sooner, not later. Moving fast enables us to learn and to make better decisions over time – because the best learning comes from trying out more things in the real world.
  10. We Care and Give Back. We believe that with our success comes the responsibility to give back to our communities. We seek to contribute to our communities in ways that reflect broadly held values, have meaningful impact, draw on our unique strengths as a company, and whenever possible reinforce our business objectives.