exhibitor tools

Dedicated Sales Team

Our Advanced Exhibitor Solutions (AES) Team was established with one main goal in mind: proactively reach out to exhibitors via email and phone calls early in the ordering process to inform them of the services we provide and respond to any questions they may have. The AES Team ensures exhibitors know the following: availability of products, the applicability of products to meet customer’s needs, key deadlines for advanced pricing, and other options for connectivity that are available on-site, helping guarantee exhibitor satisfaction.


Early Ordering Incentives

Smart City offers incentive rates at all our venues if you place your order before specific event deadlines. To determine the deadline for your specific event and venue, please reach out to your event planner to ensure you take advantage of our incentive rates.


Local & 24/7 Support Teams

We know that providing you the best in industry customer service leading up to and during the event separates us from our competitors and is a must for event success. With our on-site and national customer support teams available to you 24/7 going into your event and more importantly, during your event. You can have peace of mind that your Smart City services will meet your exhibiting needs.