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Event Data Analytics

Measure what is important. Your Smart City team knows that getting timely and accurate event data is key to understanding network and system performance.  We use this data to make sure your event networks and services are meeting the needs of staff, exhibitors, and attendees.

Pre-Event Data

During the planning phase of your event, our sales team will work with you to gather network performance data from your past events at a Smart City venue or elsewhere.  With this data in hand, our sales teams and engineers will help you build out a custom value engineered proposal that is not only cost-effective but will meet your needs.

On-site Analytics

During your event, the Smart City team can make available to you a wide range of data and analysis on your network performance.  Specific data includes the number of users on your wireless network, bandwidth utilization, and peak usage times.   This data can be provided during an event at various intervals to ensure the network is optimally designed to meet all of your stakeholder’s needs.

Post Event Data

At the close of your event, our sales team will review with you the network analytics to analyze the performance of your network.  This analysis will not only show you the big picture of your event technology but also provide more granular information on your network. This will provide actionable insights on how the network performed and what can be adjusted in the network design to optimize the performance for your next event.