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At Smart City, we have provided services for over 70,000 events over the last 40 years, and as the industry leader for event technology services, you can be confident that we have the team and tools that you need to plan a successful event.

Dedicated Sales Teams

To help plan your event, you have local on-site sales teams at your venue and our national sales team available to you. Our dedicated sales teams will reach out to you 10-12 months before your event to start the planning process and develop the specifications for your event and provide you the tools needed for you and your exhibitor’s success.  With our highly trained sales team at your fingertips, event success is ensured.

Exhibitor Sales Team – Advanced Exhibitor Solutions

Our Advanced Exhibitor Solutions (AES) Team was established with one main goal in mind: to proactively reach out to exhibitors early in the ordering process. The communication is focused on informing exhibitors of the services we provide, explaining incentive deadlines, and responding to any questions they may have. The AES Team works to educate exhibitors on our product offerings so they can order in confidence. To contact our AES team, please call 888.446.6911.

Marketing Resources

To help ensure exhibitor success and retention, Smart City has developed the best in industry marketing tools for you to use.  These tools and venue-specific Exhibitor Ordering Guides are available to insert into your exhibitor manual and are available to use through your own communication channels through email templates and web images that drive exhibitors to our online web ordering systems.   With these tools at your disposal, exhibitors will know the services available to them and the incentive deadlines for their event, ensuring exhibitor success.

Familiarization Trips

To better understand your event, familiarization trips are made for key events to see firsthand the specific needs of your event and how your team, exhibitors, and attendees utilize and interact with the event technology utilized at your event. During this trip, your Smart City team will dive into previous year’s data, current needs, goals, and your vision for the future to build an enhanced understanding of the event technology needs and guide clients through concepts and packages that will meet and enhance the event experience.

Value Engineering

Enhancing value and function at the best possible price is always the goal of our event technology services teams when working with an event.  This is done through a value engineering approach that focuses on gathering and analyzing your future and past event’s requirements to understand how you need to use our services for your staff and partner teams along with your exhibitors and attendees. We then work hand in hand with you to create event technology design options that can best meet your goals and your budget.

Local & 24/7 Support Teams

On-site and national sales and support teams are available to you 24/7 leading up to and during your event, and will be in contact with you starting 10-12 months from the start of your event to develop a deep understanding of your event to provide you the ideal solution for your event technology needs.  During the event, our teams will be attending all Pre-Cons/Post-Cons and daily team meetings to ensure your network is performing optimally for your event.  Also, we have a national corporate support teams that offer on-call technical support and a centralized Customer Service Center, available 24/7 for additional support during your event.