Advanced Event Technology

Advanced Event Technology Services

From our state-of-the-art network infrastructure to our highly-advanced network operations center to our experience working with some of the world’s premier facilities and events. Our products and services enable our clients to provide their customers the highest level of connectivity and customer service from the most experienced team of engineers, technical support, and event technology sales teams in the meeting industry.

Wired Internet Services

When it’s mission-critical. Our dedicated wired services are the fastest and most reliable way to deliver high-quality experience at your event. Having done more than 70,000 events in our history and being one of the first companies to provide dedicated bandwidth at venues and convention centers we know the importance of having dedicated wired solutions that perform flawlessly during your event. With our dedicated wired solutions, you have peace of mind knowing that your critical event network services will always be met.

Wireless Services

Smart City deploys more customized wireless networks every day in each of our 40+ facilities across the country than anybody else in the industry and routinely configuring wireless networks for 10 to 10,000 or more users. When you are looking for the highest quality Wi-Fi experience anywhere in the facility for attendees and users of event apps, streaming content, and using new technologies like second screen solutions. Our wireless offerings are the perfect solution.

Wi-Fi Sponsorship Opportunities

Wi-Fi sponsorship packages are a great way to generate revenue for your event and to provide the Wi-Fi services needed for your attendees. Wi-Fi sponsorships can be done facility-wide, by zone, and can accommodate multiple sponsors and SSID’s, giving you opportunities for increased event revenue and sponsorship ROI by providing them with the data analytics of their sponsorship. Our Smart City team can assist with your sales efforts by providing collateral, design services, a sales toolkit, and our technical expertise in presentations to your potential sponsors.

Phone, Radio & Cable TV

We have specialized in telephone and TV services for over 35 years and offer at many of our facilities single, multi-, or conference phone lines and digital premium or HDTV cable TV services.  Our telephone services can be used for reception check-in, conference calls in meeting rooms, and for credit card machine order processing.

To check availability of services. Please go to your specific venue’s page here.

Looking for event radios? At the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC and the San Diego Convention Center, we offer short wave radio rentals for reliable and dependable communications. Critical for today’s show management requirement to stay connected during the event.

Plumbing & Electrical

Smart City’s experience providing utility services at the Charlotte Convention Center and George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston Texas spans more than two decades. During this time, we have supported over 4,500 events that have purchased utility services.  For specific plumbing and electrical services at these two venues please contact us at 888.446.6911 or visit our online ordering at

Customized Networks

No two events are alike, and our customized networks, built to fit your unique event needs, are the perfect way for event technology success.  By utilizing the largest contracted partner of event technology in the United States you ensure event technology success.

Hybrid Event Solutions

Are you looking for hybrid event solutions? Smart City has the infrastructure and team expertise that helps you take the complexity out of designing and building your hybrid event.  With over 35 years of experience under our belts, we have provided event technology to the largest and most complicated events on the calendar.  To find out how we can help you determine the networks and services you need for your hybrid event. Please contact us at 888.446.6911.

Location Services & Data Collection

With many events looking for a competitive advantage through location-based applications to support systems like wayfinding, content geofencing, social distance, and contact tracking you need a event technology partner that can build and run the networks needed for these now critical tools.   When Smart City is your event partner, you get peace of mind knowing that your networks are the best in class and will deliver the performance you need day after day.

Bandwidth Management

With Smart City as your event partner, you have access to the best in industry tools to manage internet bandwidth across your events, ensuring optimum utilization of your technology infrastructure.  With our tools, you have access to systems that can provide network traffic monitoring and controls, giving you access to bandwidth when you need it and where you need it for your venue and your events.

Carrier Neutral Host (DAS)

Carrier Neutral Host DAS systems are becoming an increasingly important feature to the event and venue’s high-density cell phone environment to ensure service coverage for your staff, attendees, and for building security.  As the leading provider of event venue technology services, we can partner with you to build and support the ongoing management of your venue’s carrier neutral DAS system.  For more information, please contact us at (702) 943-6000.

Hosted Voice Solutions

Managing your public venue communication needs has never been easier with Smart City Networks Hosted Voice.  Our solution is a cloud-based business voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone platform that offers crystal clear call quality, flexibility and a bevy of features to customize the product to each venue’s individual needs, whether for administration or event support. More info >