health and safety guidelines
The health and safety of our Team Members and Clients is top priority and paramount to the resiliency of the hospitality industry. The following protocols have been established throughout the country and will serve as subsequent measures to be taken beyond specific facility guidelines that are existing or evolving.

Reporting to Work and Office Protocols

Team Members Reporting to Work and Office Protocols

  • All staff will be instructed to stay home if they do not feel well.
  • All staff will have no-contact thermal/temperature checks and data logged daily. Staff will be denied entry to the facility if temperature is elevated.
  • All Staff to wear masks when there is direct interaction with others until further notice.
  • Staggered work schedules so no one arrives or leaves at the same time.
  • Specify doors to enter and exit for all spaces so flow is one direction, if applicable.
  • Workstations arranged with a minimum 6 feet seating apart. No face-to-face layouts.
  • Breakrooms will be rearranged to prevent close proximity or face-to-face layouts and be limited to 10 team members at a time. After break, no entry for ten minutes after room is disinfected.
  • All workspaces will be cleaned and disinfected each time the employee is ready to leave their space, by following CDC, federal, state and local guidelines when it comes to sanitizing and cleaning.

Interacting with Building Staff, Vendors, and Attendees


In public areas, Smart City team members will practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from other groups of people while standing in lines, using elevators or moving around the property. Team members will be reminded not to touch their faces and to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from guests and other employees whenever possible, including no handshakes.

If a co-worker or a guest is exhibiting known symptoms of COVID-19, our team members will adhere to building policy regarding the appropriate reporting procedure.

Appropriate masks and gloves will be worn by all Smart City staff based on their role and responsibilities and in adherence to state or local regulations and guidance. After all interactions are concluded with coworkers and/or guests, Smart City staff will dispose of gloves in an approved manner or wash their hands based on CDC guidelines or use hand sanitizer when a sink is not available.

Woman with mask and headset

Service Desk Operations


  • One Team member per service desk location and at least six feet of distancing from the neighboring service desk.
  • Plexiglass/plastic barrier between service desks and separating front-facing interactions with the client.
  • In instances that a Smart City team member will not staff a service desk, appropriate signage will be available for guests to contact Smart City personnel utilizing their own communication device.
  • Signage promoting social distancing and hand washing will be displayed.
  • Masks will be worn during service desk shifts.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for team members and clients at the service desk.
  • Service desk and equipment that must be touched, such as monitors, keyboards or other equipment, will be cleaned and disinfected at least once per hour and upon a service desk shift change.
  • Requests for pricing will be available through QR code displayed at the service desk.
  • All rental equipment and material (phones, network switches, adapters, cables, etc) will be sanitized and disinfected following the below-outlined procedures (Service Installation and Equipment Delivery Protocols) upon its return to our warehouse or storage room.
Mask with Boxes

Installation and Equipment Delivery


  • All technicians will wear a mask at a minimum and any other PPE required in the venue, while providing services throughout the building.
  • Technician tools to be disinfected before and after each shift.
  • Employees and technicians will not sit next to each other on battery-powered carts or in vehicles like trucks and vans. Any individual carts or scooters will have disinfecting wipes at all times and will be wiped down before and after each use.
  • Supervisors will be designated as Sanitation Technicians and will be responsible for following sanitation and disinfection guidelines and will perform and assist in performing and cleaning procedures required.
  • All rental equipment and material (phones, network switches, adapters, cables, etc.) will be cleaned (wiped down to remove dirt and debris) and disinfected (sprayed and/or wiped down using a CDC approved COVID-19 disinfectant solution). Rental equipment installed when the client is not present will be disinfected and then clearly tagged with the date. Any rental equipment that the client picks up from a Smart City service desk will be placed in a sealed plastic bag after being disinfected.
  • Any equipment that requires a Smart City technician to install at the booth/meeting room/ event space will be done following strict CDC guidelines. The technician will disinfect and tag all equipment prior to leaving the space.
  • All service lines installed (telephone, internet cables) will be installed using normal installation procedures. However, after the connection is tested for quality assurance, and before the recipient of the service arrives onsite, Smart City technicians will disinfect the final six feet of the service line and tag the line with a disinfected notification card listing the date of install.
  • During situations where a technician needs to troubleshoot a client’s device, Smart City technicians will kindly ask the end-user to adhere to the six-foot physical distance rule. The technician will provide support wearing all appropriate PPE gear.
Boxes and a Mask




  • In addition to the protocols listed for Installation and Equipment Delivery, the following will apply for 2-Way Radio Services:
  • Radio rental provider will deliver an enclosed container to SCN that is labeled “sanitized” on the outside.
  • Smart City staff will deliver the sanitized container, undisturbed, to the recipient while wearing appropriate PPE gear.
  • At the conclusion of the event, the recipient will place the equipment back in the container.
  • Wearing appropriate PPE, a Smart City representative will retrieve the container and return the radios back to the radio rental provider.
  • Smart City’s radio rental provider will conduct inventory and disinfect all equipment within the container back at their offices.