technology management

Advanced Custom Technology

At Smart City, we don’t wait for the future, we build it. Today the emphasis is on speed and connectivity, which makes the reliability of services throughout the building vital.   When it comes to designing and maintaining a custom network for your facility you can be confident that Smart City is the right partner, with the right experience.

24/7 Monitoring

Network monitoring is an absolute must for all businesses today to ensure continued availability and provide a layer of protection over the network.    Towards this goal, our team of network administrators and engineers utilize automated monitoring and notification tools to monitor all network circuits and devices on our networks every three to five minutes to identify circuit, hardware, and software issues that may be the cause of future problems.  The goal is to  reduce failure time, mitigating cybersecurity threats, and ensuring peak performance of all venue and event networks and systems.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

As vigilant as we are, there are some disasters that cannot be avoided, and having a disaster recovery plan in place can give an organization a competitive edge in the event an outage of your network happens.  At all Smart City partner venues, Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Plans are in place along with testing policies and procedures to address the continuation of business services and minimize recovery time in the event of any type of interruptions that affects your venue and your events.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of the most important issues facing venues and events today.  At Smart City, we invest more in staff, cyber security systems, and security auditing on an ongoing basis to mitigate your security risks than any other technology partner in our industry.  If you need a partner that can provide the required focus on cyber security; look no further than Smart City.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Smart City has a dedicated NOC team that is experienced in the events industry.  Our team, comprised of certified network engineers and technicians provide 24/7 support to your on-site Smart City teams and your in-house events.  It is safe to say that as a Smart City partner facility you will always have the qualified staff needed to support the critical infrastructure at your venue.

Project Management

Consistent and documented project management helps ensure network and event success.  At Smart City, our in-house team of certified network and project management staff has designed and built out more networks and event technology services than anybody else in the industry.  This experience gives you peace of mind when changing in-house technology partners or when providing services to your events and in-house staff and partners.

Asset Management

At Smart City, our policies for asset control are unmatched in the industry and support technology lifecycle management across the venue technology environment.  These policies not only control what is on our networks but help manage replacement and update cycles, ensuring that our infrastructure is reliable and secure.