venue products and services
Venue Products and Services

Providing Best In Industry Event Technology Solutions

From auto shows to national political party conventions to world economic summits, Smart City has been on the floor, behind the scenes, and maintaining the connections that enable people to make important things happen.

Dedicated Wired Solutions

For venues and events that need fast and reliable internet services, our hardwired internet connection is the best solution available and the most secure method of delivering internet service for your events.  When speed and reliable connections are needed for your streaming, registration, hybrid and experiential activations, Smart City dedicated wired solutions are the right services for your venue and events.

Wireless Solutions

Smart City deploys more customized wireless networks every day in each of our 40+ facilities across the country than anybody else in the industry and routinely configuring wireless networks for 10, 100, 10,000 or more users. When you are looking for the highest quality Wi-Fi experience anywhere in the facility for attendees and users of event apps, streaming content, and use of new technologies like second screen solutions, our wireless solutions at the perfect solution.

Phone, Radio & Cable TV

We have specialized in telephone, Cable TV and short-wave radios services for 40 years and provide these services at many of our facilities. If you need a partner that can provide phone, cable TV or short-wave radio for event or public safety services to your venue and your clients, Smart City is the right partner for you.

Plumbing & Electrical

Smart City’s experience providing utility services spans more than two decades and begins in Houston, Texas. During this time, we have supported over 4,500 electrical events and more than 125,000 exhibitors that have purchased utility services.  If you are looking for an exclusive in-house partner for plumbing and electrical service or looking to combine service across your contracted partners, Smart City is the ideal partner for you.

Customized Networks

No two venues or events are alike, and our customized networks, built to fit your unique event and venue needs are the perfect way for event technology success.  By utilizing the largest contracted partner of event technology in the United States, you are guaranteed happy clients that will return year after year.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

DAS systems are becoming an increasingly important feature to your venue’s high-density cell phone environment to ensure service coverage for your staff, attendees, and for building security.  As the leading provider of event venue technology services, we can partner with you to build and support the ongoing management of your venue’s carrier neutral DAS system.  For more information, please contact us at (702) 943-6000

Location Services & Data Collection

With many venues and events looking for a competitive advantage through location-based applications to support systems like wayfinding, content geofencing, social distance, and contact tracking you need a venue partner that can build and run the networks needed for these critical tools.   When Smart City is your venue partner, you get peace of mind knowing that your networks are the best in class and will deliver the performance you need day after day.

Hosted Voice Solutions

Managing your public venue communication needs has never been easier with Smart City Networks Hosted Voice.  Our solution is a cloud-based business voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone platform that offers crystal clear call quality, flexibility and a bevy of features to customize the product to each venue’s individual needs, whether for administration or event support. More info >